The Immortal Jellyfish

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In the fight against disease achieve immortality is a bit like finding the Holy Grail. But it seems once again the natural evolution has stolen a march on both the conception that the implementation of the idea!

un giorno ci sei, l'altro pure!one day you're there, the other as well!
In fact, this tiny jellyfish called Turritopsis dohrnii original Pacific but that expanded a little in all the oceans of the world has found an innovative way to live virtually forever.

il ciclo vitale è infinitothe life cycle is infinite
After mating instead of growing old and slowly lose the ability to sustain life, this body was returned to his octopus where he started, causing an infinite loop of facts of increase and decrease, rather than increase birth and death.

state pronti ad inniettarvi un pò del loro dna per aggirare i fastidi di una morte naturaleYou were ready to inniettarvi some of their DNA to bypass the hassles of a natural death
Now the only sure thing left in life are taxes.

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